Building Services Homebuilder Updates

From time-to-time building officials provide updates to area homebuilders and developers. You can find copies of recent updates below. 

If at any time you have questions or concerns, please contact Middlesex Centre Building Services.

February 3, 2022 - Backflow Solutions Inc. supporting Middlesex Centre's Cross-Connection Control Program

To provide the best program possible, the Municipality of Middlesex Centre has partnered with Backflow Solutions, Inc. (BSI) to help in the reporting and maintenance of the Cross-Connection Control Program.

Backflow devices are placed in industrial, commercial and institutional (IC&I) buildings to protect backflow of contaminated or polluted water into our public water system. These devices are tested annually by licensed, certified plumbers with properly calibrated devices to ensure the protection of our water supply.

BSI has sent out an email to our local testing companies to advise them of this new partnership, provide information on the program, and detail how to register as a certified tester.

If you didn’t receive this email or would like further information on this program, please reach out to Building Services.
December 16, 2021 - Updates

Update from Arnie Marsman, Director of Building Services/Chief Building Official as of December 16, 2021.

Dear Homebuilder,

This email is further to recent conversations we’ve had both individually and at our workshop on this past Tuesday.  A few updates for you;

COVID Safety on Jobsites

With recent increases of COVID cases in our area, building division is returning to our protocol of requiring buildings to be vacant while we conduct our inspections.  Please discuss this with your trades and ideally, please schedule inspections on days when the building is expected to be vacant.  Thanks very much for your cooperation in this regard.  Also, for your information, we continue to screen our staff for COVID health checks daily.

Building Permit Fees

For 2022, building permit fees have increase slightly to $3,185 for a 2,000 sf Single Family Dwelling.  Our new fee by-law will be posted very shortly on our website.

Development Charges

For 2022, Development Charges have been increased to $28,683.  Our updated DC Brochure will also be posted very shortly.

Building Division’s Availability over the Holidays

Middlesex Centre’s offices will be closed from noon on December 24th to Monday morning January 3rd.  Inspections will not be available after December 23rd.  Although our offices are closed, complete applications may still be submitted via Cloudpermit.

Applicability of Building Code Revisions and New Fees/DCs

Code changes which come into effect on January 1st will apply only to applications made after midnight December 31st.  So long as a complete application is submitted in Cloudpermit by the end of December 2021, the current building Code and fees/Development Charges will apply.  The building code’s transition rules which require the starting of the project within six months of the permit’s issuance will apply.

If you require clarification of the above, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of building division’s staff.  We wish you very happy holidays and a new year!