Notice of Budget Amendment: Dozer Purchase


A report will be brought to Council at their July 6, 2022, meeting seeking approval for a budget amendment for the purchase of a 2022 dozer. 

A dozer is a frequently used piece of equipment in the Public Works department, involved in work at the municipal aggregate pits, ditching, road reconstruction, culvert replacement and dealing with excess soils. 

The municipality has rented dozers in the past, and had planned to purchase a dozer in 2023. In purchasing now as opposed to waiting until 2023, the municipality stands to benefit from avoiding a capital cost increase of $49,001 (excl HST) or more based on current inflation trends. Further, an analysis of purchasing a dozer rather than continuing to rent showed an expected savings in excess of $110,000 over ten years. 

The full report on the budget amendment will be available when the July 6, 2022 council agenda is posted.